Why Invest In Blue Blocker Glasses?

How long do you spend looking at digital screens each day? No matter how big or small the screen, whether it’s your phone, tablet, TV, laptop, and you’re at home or work, all that time spent staring at it can be damaging for your eyes.

Why Are Screens Bad For Your Eyes?

Research is still being done into the effect of screens on our eyes. One potential problem is how addictive they are. We tend to spend prolonged periods of time focussing on them without giving our eyes a rest, resulting in symptoms like sore, tired eyes by the end of the day.

Another potential problem is the blue light emitted by digital screens. While we don’t yet know the full extent of the damage it can cause, we do know that it can affect your circadian rhythm in a negative way. The circadian rhythm is your body’s biological clock – in other words, its way of knowing what the time is and whether you should be asleep or awake. When you spend the evening hours looking at screens that emit blue light, it can end up confusing your body and consequently, disrupt your sleep.

There is also research being carried out into the possibility of blue light increasing your risk of developing macular degeneration, although results are inconclusive at this time.

Benefits Of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

An easy way to combat the potential damage that blue light can do is to wear blue blocker glasses. These are glasses that are designed to filter out harmful blue light to ease eye strain, irritation and headaches for those among you who use digital screens on a daily basis.

We still advise you to take regular breaks from screens, but we think you’ll find that wearing blue light blocking glasses can make a big difference to your everyday life!  

Where To Buy Blue Light Computer Glasses

If you’re suffering from digital eye strain and want to get yourself a pair of blue light blocking glasses, we can help.

Azure is our enhanced blue light lens coating with advanced technology that not only helps to improve contrast, quality of sleep and symptoms of digital eye strain, but also provides 100% UV protection. We know that eye strain doesn’t only affect glasses wearers, so this filter is available as a prescription and non-prescription option for your convenience.

When you purchase blue light computer glasses from us, you can also rest a little easier knowing that all our lenses also include a standard anti-reflection coating, helping you to combat glare and eye fatigue even more.

All our glazing is done in-house with on site lab technicians that have 25 years of experience in the optical industry. If for any reason you don’t like your glasses or think they aren’t working for you, we also offer free shipping and returns with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Now that’s what you call no pressure, no fuss shopping!

Take a browse on our website now to find the perfect frames to compliment your blue-blocking lenses. Don’t forget we have a virtual try-on tool too, to help you choose the perfect frames!