Privacy Policy

This Policy statement is intended to help you understand how Direct Vision collects and uses information.

The Direct Vision Site uses cookies to collect and store information for future use. This could include information such as preferences, passwords and financial information. This information is only used for the customer’s personal use in relation to the customer’s use of the website and for processing payments associated with the customer’s regular use of the website. Direct Vision reserves the right to collect and use any information that will help the functioning of the site.

Direct Vision may also require that the customer provide information such as medical history and prescriptions. This may also include contact information for the customer’s optometrist or other healthcare provider. This information will be used to verify that the customer has a valid prescription for the glasses, sunglasses or other medical devices sold on the Direct Vision website, in accordance with the Laws of British Columbia regarding online optical sales. This information will be used expressly for this purpose.

Direct Vision may require information regarding the customers name, age, address, e-mail address, social media accounts, medical history and other personal information of this sort. This information will be used by Direct Vision in order to fulfill deliveries and best serve the customer. Direct Vision retains the right to use this information for internal market research with the express purpose of improving the operations of Direct Vision and its affiliate companies. This information is intended to be collected in masse and is not to be used for personal or targeted marketing. Direct Vision will not sell this information to third parties and will never use names or personal identifiers when sharing this information with third parties.

The Direct Vision site may include links to third-party websites. Direct Vision holds no responsibility for these third-party sites and is not responsible for any data given to any third-party website by the customer.

Direct Vision may require e-mail information in order to add customers to mailing lists or for newsletters and promotions. These communications may be opted out of.

This policy may be updated at any time without notice or warning. Direct Vision reserves the right to alter this policy with immediate and retroactive effect, if necessary.